Developing a Course for Online Teaching: First Steps

CPE – 101

CPE 101 is a self-paced tutorial to cater for online teaching and learning at Habib University. The course has been designed to offer an introduction to HU instructors to pivot to online teaching and learning, necessitated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The six modules provide a solid introduction to the different aspects of online teaching and learning, and aims to apprise the instructors about different aspects they may consider for pivoting to a truly online teaching and learning experience.

CPE 101 emphasizes that emergency remote teaching, which is a replica of some sort of video relaying of a F2F teaching mode, is usually uninspiring and mostly ineffective. Instead, faculty should design courses with the online medium in mind and the technology that is available. This usually requires some re-thinking and re-designing of in-person courses.

The tutorial comprises of the following modules, with a total viewing time of approximately 90 minutes:

  • Module No 1: Introduction to Online Teaching
  • Module No 2: Creating Syllabus for Online Teaching
  • Module No 3: Course Content for Online Teaching
  • Module No 4: Pedagogy
  • Module No 5: Creating Assessments for Online Teaching
  • Module No 6: Curating Digital Community

Note: Starting Fall 2020, all HU faculty will be expected to complete “Part C” of the Course Proposals which is related to the online teaching readiness of each course. It is strongly recommended that every faculty member watch all modules of CPE 101 before filling Part C of the Course Proposal Form.

Useful Links:

Developing a Course for Online Teaching: First Steps

Syllabus Template for Online Teaching

The syllabus template used at Habib University was revised in 2020 to incorporate features specific to remote and online teaching. More specifically, these include:
• Hardware Pre-requisites (if any)
• Software Pre-requisites (if any)
• Medium of Instruction
• Recording Policy
• Reference Books, Presentation and Support Material
• Engagement, Net-etiquettes and Participation Rules
Faculty are recommended to pay attention to these sections and try to provide clear instructions and expectations for the students.

Useful Links:

• HU Syllabus Template
• Syllabus for EE 354 (sample)
• HU Tutorial: Designing Transparent Syllabi & Assessments for Online Learning

Part C of the Course Proposal Form

Course Proposal Forms at Habib University comprise of three sections:
• Part A: Operations and Logistics of the Course
• Part B: Pedagogy
• Part C: Online Teaching Readiness
“Part C” is a recently added section to the Course Proposal form, to help assess the preparedness of teaching a course online. Starting Fall 2020, each course lead (faculty member) is required to complete this section and submit it for review.

Useful Links:

• Part C: Questionnaire
• Completed Course Proposal Form for EE 354 (sample)
• Course Proposal Form (for submission)
• Online Education Policies, Habib University