Corona Sey Agahi

Corona Sey Agahi – 20th Episode

COVID-19 Vaccines: Ray of Hope or another Challenge?

With development of the awaited vaccines to combat Coronavirus, various Myths and Misconceptions have also taken a grip of public imagination.

Watch Episode 20 of Habib University’s bulletin, ‘Corona Sey Agahi’, where Dr. Faisal Mahmood (Associate Professor of Infectious Diseases, Aga Khan University) clarifies many false beliefs revolving around COVID-19; with positive impact of recent vaccines to reduce its spread.

Corona Sey Agahi – 15th Episode

Launching ‘Pakistan COVID-19 Resource Center’ ..

Habib University’s Dhanani School of Science and Engineering (DSSE)-led dashboard “Pakistan COVID-19 Resource Center” is officially launched and available for public to get access to the most recent and accurate Pakistan-specific COVID-19 data with analysis of nationwide trends.

Here’s the link:

Learn more about this initiative in the 15th episode of ‘Corona sey Agahi’, Habib University Bulletin here:

Corona Sey Agahi – 14th Episode

“Don’t lose hope, I’m very confident we will really find several different treatment options of COVID-19 by end of the year.” says Dr. Wenshe Liu while discussing his research group’s study on finding treatment for Covid-19.

Watch Dr. Liu’s full interview in the 14th episode of ‘Corona sey Agahi’, Habib University Bulletin here:

Corona Sey Agahi – 13th Episode

By the implication of COVID-19 on physical and economic well-being, many forget the mental health which is equally as important.

In the 13th episode of ‘Corona sey Agahi’, we discuss ‘Mental Health in the time of Covid-19’ and how to manage stress while working from home, with Dr. Asim Shah.

Corona Sey Agahi – 12th Episode

Know this and so much more in the 12th episode of Habib University Bulletin – ‘Corona sey Agahi’ here:

Corona Sey Agahi – 11th Episode

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