Systems Thinking

COURSE TITLE:  Systems Thinking
FACULTY: Dr. Shah Jamal Alam
PRE REQUISITE: A-levels/Intermediate & above.
DAYS: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday
TIMINGS: 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM

Course Description:

We live in a complex world – where individuals’ interactions and decision-making shape the patterns we observe at an aggregate level. For instance, the patterns of residential segregation that we may in many big cities of the world often result from individuals’ (or households’) preferences for certain neighborhoods and housing markets. Whether, in ecology, in economics, in large software or whether a disease outbreak at a massive levels, we see notions of systems and sub-systems and their interactions that shape the society that we live in.

This is a cross-disciplinary course. It is intended for students with interests in understanding the world holistically and to learn methods that help us to gain an insight of both natural and artificial systems through ‘systems thinking’. Topics covered include holistic thinking, stocks & flows, dynamic equilibrium, nonlinearity and feedback loops.

Who can attend:

  • Habib University Students
  • Habib University Employees