Fundamentals of Riemannian geometry and Cosmology

COURSE TITLE:  Fundamentals of Riemannian geometry and Cosmology
FACULTY: Dr. Tajdar Mufti
PRE REQUISITE: Interested people should have knowledge in the following topics:
Vector calculus (including curl, gradient, and divergence), differential equations, Partial differential equations.
DAYS: Monday, Wednesday and Friday* (In Ramzan, Friday classes will be held on Saturday)
TIMINGS: 8:30 AM – 10:30 AM

Course Description:

It is not uncommon to face a situation when the scientific ideas learnt at schools or high schools go through revisiting and reconsidering, and even the very basic ideas in geometry are among them. However, to do science it is important to realize modifications to what extent are required to explain the observed natural phenomena being considered?

This course extensively addresses generalizing the ideas of (Riemannian) geometry, though from the perspective of Physics instead of pure Mathematics, and studying an immediate application of them in Physics. The course starts from considering the very basic ideas in geometry and tensor calculus, and their (to a limited extent) application in Special Relativity. Eventually, the area of General Relativity and Cosmology is considered where tensor calculus is extensively applicable.

Who can attend:

  • Habib University Students
  • Habib University Employees
  • Regular full-time students enrolled in an Undergraduate or Master’s Program at any recognized University of Pakistan or aboard