Electricity and Magnetism

COURSE TITLE:  Electricity and Magnetism
FACULTY: Dr. Anzar Khaliq
DAYS: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday* (In Ramzan, Friday classes will be held on Saturday)
TIMINGS: 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM

Course Description:

This is one of the most beautiful courses taught to physicists and engineers. Several phenomena in real life that awe and inspire us can be understood by knowing some basic physical concepts related to electricity and magnetism.

Ever wondered how toner particles form images on papers, what happens when lightning strikes an automobile, how are microphones, DJ tables and sound systems built, how batteries work and why smart phones have such a short battery life. The answer to these and many other questions can be found in this particular course.

Some highlights of the physical concepts that students will get to see during this course are as follows.

Introduction to Electromagnetism and Electrostatics: Electric charge, Coulomb’s law Electric Field, Gauss’s law, Electrostatic Potential, Capacitors and Dielectrics, Ohms’s law, Electric currents, and Electric circuits, Kirchoff’s laws, Magnetic fields, Biot-Savart law and Ampere’s law, magnetic materials.

Time-varying fields and Faraday’s law of induction, The Hall effect, Displacement Current and Maxwell’s equations.

Who can attend:

  • Habib University Students
  • Habib University Employees