Physics Minor


The Physics minor is designed to open the opportunity for students with a significant interest in Physics to deepen their understanding of the subject. This will provide a foundation for a broader range of technical fields enhancing their ability to keep abreast of an ever-changing technological world.
Minimum Credit Hour Requirements: 20

Students can obtain a minor in Physics by satisfying the following requirements:

  1. Students must take all the foundational courses specified in the table below to qualify for the Physics minor.
  2. Foundational Courses Credit Hours Prerequisite(s)
    Mechanics & Thermodynamics 3 None
    E&M or EMT 3 Calculus I
    Modern Physics 3 Mechanics and Thermodynamics, E&M or EMT
    Quantum Mechanics I 3 Modern Physics
    Mechanics Lab 1 Mechanics and Thermodynamics
    Advanced Physics Lab 1 E&M or EMT
  3. Students are required to take a minimum of three additional 300+ level courses.
  4. Students must earn a minimum of 20 credits.
  5. Students must earn a C grade or higher in all mandatory courses to continue with the minor.

A minimum of 7 students are required to offer a course. In case fewer students enroll, individual study courses may be offered by the program (subject to the availability of relevant faculty).

Electives offered by the program that can fulfil the minor requirements:

  1. Classical Mechanics
  2. Quantum Mechanics II
  3. Mathematical Methods for Physics (also valid for Mathematics Minor)
  4. Statistical Mechanics
  5. Solid State Physics
  6. Cosmology
  7. Introduction to Nanotechnology

Please note that the offering of electives is subjected to the availability of faculty and is contingent on the number of students enrolled.