Mathematics Minor

The Mathematics minor at Habib University offers an opportunity to students from all disciplines with a significant interest in Mathematics to develop strong foundations in key areas of mathematics. This optional field of study is designed to provide a foundation in Calculus, Linear Algebra and basic modelling techniques using differential equations. Convergent thinking is also developed through the analysis of quantitative problems directed towards the right procedure for the right outcomes. The choice of courses available within the minor allows the students to either take a pure mathematics track, an applied mathematics track or a mix of the two.

Students can obtain a minor in mathematics by satisfying the following requirements:

  • Students must take all the foundational courses specified in the table below to qualify for the Mathematics minor:
    Foundational Courses Credit Hours Prerequisite(s)
    Calculus II 3 Calculus I
    Engineering Mathematics 3 Calculus I
    Linear Algebra 3 Engineering Mathematics
    Probability and Statistics 3 None
  • Students are required to take three additional courses with at least two of them of 300 or higher level.
  • Students must earn a minimum of 20 credits.
  • Students must earn a C grade or higher in all mandatory courses to continue with the minor.

Math 0xx level courses cannot be taken to satisfy the minor.

DSSE students have a mandatory requirement of MATH 101 but it can’t be double counted towards the minor.

AHSS students can count MATH 101 towards the minor.

Students are free to choose electives either from Pure Mathematics or Applied Mathematics or both. Depending on the availability of the faculty, a variety of courses can be offered within Pure and Applied Mathematics. Please check with the program at the start of the academic year for the latest list of elective offerings.

A minimum of 7 students are required to offer a course. In case fewer students enroll, individual study courses may be offered by the program (subject to the availability of relevant faculty).

Any one of these

  1. Music and Mathematics (100 level)
  2. History of Mathematics (100 level)
  3. The Art of Mathematics (100 level)
  4. Any two of these

  5. Mathematical Methods for Physics
  6. Advanced Differential Equations
  7. Abstract Algebra
  8. Number Theory
  9. Mathematical Modelling
  10. Modern Differential Geometry
  11. The Time Scale Calculus

Please note that the offering of electives is subjected to the availability of faculty and is contingent on the number of students enrolled.