Minor in Communication & Design

Communication and Design has multiple intersections with all majors currently offered at Habib. The minor trains students to be critical observers of the visible world and helps them communicate their observations with clarity and insight. Coursework develops students’ abilities through a combination of theoretical engagement and studio practice and teaches students how to move meticulously from an idea to its materialization. Students pursuing a CND minor sharpen their critical thinking skills and learn design thinking methodologies, developing their understanding and application of visual and other communicative media, from techniques for engineering better machines to communication theories to propel their entrepreneurial ambitions.

Students completing a CND minor will be better equipped to offer unique solutions to contemporary issues facing Pakistan by being able to address professional and intellectual challenges from a design point of view and to communicate strategies that are easier to implement. Students are encouraged to engage with their own communities in a respectful and socially conscious manner by inculcating a spirit of collaboration, ownership and mutual respect, and emerge with a thoughtfully cultivated understanding of their praxis and its application to address real-world problems.

Learning Outcomes

Students with a Communication and Design minor will:

  • Understand how various media operate to shape our understanding of and interaction with the world around us;
  • Apply design thinking to solve critical issues facing Pakistan and the world;
  • Innovate creative solutions to the ‘wicked problems’ within students’ home discipline.

CND Minor Requirements

Students choosing to pursue the CND minor must complete a minimum of (5) courses totaling at least 15 Credits. All students pursuing the minor must complete any (1) of the following courses:

Course Code Course Title Pre-requisite(s)
CND 105 Shaping Modernity None
CND 106 Forms of Inquiry None
CND 126 Communication and Culture None

Students must also complete any (1) of the following courses:

Course Code Course Title Pre-requisite(s)
CND 301 TransDesign Practicum CND 105/106/126
CND 311 Elements of Aesthetics CND 105/106/126

The remaining (3) minor requirements are met through CND program electives. All CND minors are strongly advised to complete at least (1) studio based course.